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I am kanika sen born and grow up in Kolkata. I am part of a wealthy family, as my dad is a successful businessman. My mother is employed by the MNC business in the USA as an ambassador for the brand. I grew up with friends who cared for me because my parents were busy working. I am the sole parent and I had no one to talk to about my feelings with the family. For enjoyment, I went out to a variety of nightclubs, discos, and bars since it was extremely commonplace in Kolkata. I was known as a brat who was rich among my circle of friends. They love hanging out with me at my extravagant events and having amusement. We have a drink and go to sex parties, I have met many girls and guys at my events who are eager to sleep with anyone for sex in exchange to earn money. In order to satisfy their needs and have fun.

Therefore, I created my own kanikasen escort agency where I provide hot and attractive girls to tourists from Fournier and businessmen who travel to Kolkata to have fun and pleasure and who are willing to pay to provide their services. I have a large database of girls willing to serve as escorts in exchange for the money they want. Through my website today, lots of girls from Kolkata earn great money, satiating my clients and I earn an impressive amount by acting as an intermediary between the two. More than 400 girls have joined my site and are able to earn an impressive amount of money and enjoy enjoyably and having fun with wealthy city guys.

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The Startup Wasn't So Simple as an Agency For Escorts

Since we were a young escort agency with only a few years in existence and a large amount of work to prove and provide in the area of the escort. With more to prove and a myriad of challenges to conquer, each action taken in the course of service was meticulously designed and scrutinized prior to taking it to the next level which has contributed to our acclaim and the blind confidence that our customers show confidence in our company. We guarantee you complete service for escorts that will give you the most satisfying sexually active time both on and off the bed.

Services That Are Delivered as Promised To You

The majority of people who employ female escorts to have an evening of fun and pleasure they might not get what they want and in the end, experience a disappointing experience. However, not the case with Kanikasen Escort Services.

Our attractive escorts provide service from top to bottom. What you see when you book is what you will receive. Every service you choose to book is provided to you to ensure your complete satisfaction. You will not be disappointed if you are spending time with our escort women. The girls are always sought-after because of this.

We Offer Services in 3,4,5 Star Hotels That Will Make Your Night More Lavish

We also provide beautiful rooms that have a magnetic feel to them in one of the top hotels located in downtown. The rooms are fitted with luxurious hotels that provide the best experience all day long to soothe your core. If you are looking for a luxury time and exorbitant, you should consider the hotel service we offer. Experience the intimate pleasure in the way you want with beautiful girls from Kolkata provided by us at just a single dial.

Kanikasen Escort Service is Always There Promise To Make You Satisfy

There are a lot of beautiful, sexy, escorts that are seeking a perfect relationship with you. They will delight and please you with their service and never think of themselves as. They will do all possible to leave sure you feel comfortable and at ease while you sleep. One night, you'll experience the most unforgettable experience.

Booking Procedure For Escorts By Kanikasen

We're here to supply you with the best Escorts in Kolkata and are willing to satisfy you on a first-come-first-served basis.
We invite you to make an appointment with us and you will receive all the top Kolkata escorts we have. We are available 24 hours a day to help you. Contact us for more information about our services and reap all the benefits we can offer you. We are available at all locations in Kolkata.

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